Business vision and aspirations

Professional Development Programs

Professional Development Programs combine an internship and study program enhancing the professional development of the individual and allowing the participant to obtain professional standing within the host country that may further lead to a work permit and/or migration.


Student Internships

The internships are intended normally to compliment degree level studies, and consist of a schedule of tasks to be undertaken. The student would normally be returning to complete his / her degree after completing the internship and would obtain credit for the internship against the degree course.


Graduate Internships

Graduate internships are for recent graduates or longer and just like student internships they compliment degree level studies by providing practical experience following the theoretical undertaking. The graduate would normally not be returning to complete his / her degree after completing the internship.


Visa Assistance

We provide complete assistance with student visa applications. This includes providing advice on the documentation required for the student visa, lodging the student visa application and coordinating the same on your behalf with the concerned visa office.